Frontier is a fast-growing company with a team of property managers intent on providing the best possible rental experience for homeowners and residents. We are dedicated to our clients, tenants and community.

We love what we do and we're proud of who we do it with. We work hard, we play hard and we do it together!

Tyler  Holloman

Tyler Holloman Close Up.jpg

-    Founder and Owner

Tyler came to Manhattan from Meriden, KS to attend K-State and never left! Tyler founded Frontier Property Management in 2013 because he saw a need for a management company in the Manhattan area that instilled trust and security for tenants and homeowners alike! Tyler has since grown Frontier to manage over $100 million in real estate assets. Many people want to know his secret. Tyler will tell anyone that the secret to success is a LOT of hard work and treating people with the respect they deserve. That’s all there is to it!

When Tyler isn’t working, he enjoys hiking, camping and fishing. He loves Colorado and goes mountain climbing every summer. Tyler’s favorite thing about Manhattan is the people and the support for small businesses.

Tyler and his wife live just outside of Manhattan with their dog Remy.

Nate Holloman

Nate Holloman Close Up.jpg

-    Founder and Owner of Construction

Originally from Meriden, KS, Nate came to Manhattan for a degree in Construction Science from K-State and graduated with a construction company! Frontier Construction is the product of a LOT of hard work on Nate’s part. He started from scratch with an idea and the determination to create a quality construction company that could handle projects from a simple remodel to a commercial structure. Specializing in custom home building and commercial projects, Frontier Construction also handles all things maintenance for Frontier Property Management. Nate has created a business that is quickly becoming Northeast Kansas’ premier construction company!

Nate fell in love with Manhattan’s small town feel, but with plenty to do! Construction is a perfect fit for Nate as you will rarely find him indoors. When Nate isn’t working with clients or on site, you can find him hiking with his adopted Pitbull/Mini-Aussie mix Maize.

Tana Harmon

Tana Kern.jpg

-    Internal Accounting Director

Tana is our paper pushing, numbers crunching office accountant. She has been with the company since the beginning and is one of our most versatile workers in that she has experience in almost every asset of the company. She is also one of our employees who has helped navigate Frontier to $100 million in management assets.

When Tana isn’t in the office you can find her at home in Valley Falls with her husband Cody and their dog, Chip. Tana loves to cook and bake, tend to her garden, travel, and hike with Chip. 

Tanner Penry

Tanner Penry.jpg

-  Director of Operations  

Originally from Topeka, KS, Tanner moved to Manhattan to attend K-State and graduated with a degree in General & Operational Supply Chain Management. Around the office, Tanner is the go-to-guy with any questions. He oversees the leasing staff, handles new client on-boarding as well as generating every lease that Frontier signs. Tanner’s brain is full of fun facts about the various properties we manage. Need to know if a property has carpet or hardwood? Tanner has probably been in the house and can tell you off the top of his head. That’s just how his brain works! When Tanner isn’t at the office, he can be found outside with his 2 year old Lab/Pit mix Dax. Sometimes Tanner will bring Dax to the office to play with Chip! Tanner also enjoys hiking in Colorado and spending time at the lake camping and fishing. Frontier is a natural fit for Tanner as he intends to invest in the Manhattan area real estate market as soon as he pays off his student loans! Tanner has grown to enjoy the Manhattan community as it has a small town feel with the amenities you would expect in a much larger city. We’re lucky Tanner decided to stay in the Manhattan community!

Bree Cunningham

Bree Cunningham.jpg

-    Billing Account Specialist

Besides being our in house Excel magician, Bree plays an integral role in the office as she is the main point of contact for our residents! Bree manages all communication to the residents. Whether she’s relaying important information (it’s going to be cold this weekend, make sure your heat is working!) or managing outstanding account balances (please pay your rent!) Bree has it covered. In addition to communication, Bree manages Aztec Self-Storage on behalf of Frontier Management. Bree’s background in human resources makes her a great liaison between Frontier and our residents. Originally from Kansas City, MO, Bree came to Manhattan to attend K-State and never left after graduation! A natural people person and a helper, it’s no surprise that as a child, Bree wanted to be a doctor, teacher and a firefighter. Anything to help people and better the community. Bree has officially taken the plunge back into the world of higher education and soon we will have a nurse on staff! When Bree isn’t working, you can find her at home watching Netflix with her pets Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Kaydho.

Laurra Munson

Laurra Munson.jpg

-    Maintenance Coordinator

Laurra is the mastermind behind our maintenance department. She is the magician who finds solutions for everything from ordinary maintenance issues to the hard-to-believe! Laurra handles all of this while simultaneously juggling other construction projects.

When she isn’t daydreaming about the beach life, Laurra spends her free time in her garden working on the landscape or tending the koi pond. Laurra loves Manhattan because it really is a small town at heart, not to mention the abundance of her favorites-Mexican and Italian food! If Laurra could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Hawaii, so we’re incredibly lucky to have her at Frontier!

Gwyn Fuqua

Gwyn Fuqua.jpg

-    Director of Human Resources

Gwyn joined the Frontier Family as a nomad. Her background in construction and human resources made her a perfect fit for Frontier but we just weren’t sure what she would be doing! As Frontier continued to grow and evolve, it quickly became apparent that the human resources background would prevail and here we are.

Gwyn is passionate about people, service and mental health. Having grown up on a farm in East Tennessee, Gwyn enjoys all things outdoors including kayaking, camping and just about anything involving dirt. When Gwyn isn’t in the office or off site working, you can find her at home with her 3 rescue dogs (Blue, Millie and Gracie), her horse and 17 chickens.

Cayle Hubert

-    Director of Leasing 

When Cayle isn’t watching sports… or daydreaming about golf, he is keeping Frontier together, literally. Cayle plays a pivotal role in the office as he is the main line of communication for everyone. If anyone has a question about anything at the office, they ask Cayle. He has his hand in every aspect of Frontier’s day to day operation.  To say Cayle is a people person wouldn’t do him justice. He handles everything we throw at him with ease! Cayle had no idea what was in store for him when he moved to Manhattan in 2013 to attend K-State. He quickly fell in love with the area and never left!

Cayle recently added an additional member to his family-Neko is a Border Collie/Chihuahua mix. When asked what it’s like being the person in the office who keeps everything from falling apart, he simply responded “lol, what do you mean?”. This is what makes Cayle such an invaluable asset for Frontier!

Addy Maples

Addy Maples.jpg

-    Content Strategist

Addy is responsible for what most people would consider the “fun stuff”: social media, photography, web content and graphic design. Addy truly enjoys anything that involves her right brain. Originally from Wichita, Addy is a student at K-State and doesn’t have much time for hobbies. Having said that, she enjoys spending time with friends, writing and watching movies. If Addy isn’t working or at class, you may find her at the Chef. It’s definitely her favorite spot in town. Addy has really fallen in love with Manhattan as everything is so close and the people are amazing!

Hayden Kramer

Hayden Kramer.jpg

-    Leasing Agent

Originally from Topeka, Hayden moved to Manhattan to attend K-State. Hayden has been here for a few years and will graduate in December 2018 with a degree in Business. Hayden has been with Frontier since February 2017. Hayden guides the leasing staff and ensures that showings and move in/out inspections are done correctly. Hayden is the go-to person for the less seasoned office staff regarding properties that we may not have all personally seen.

When Hayden isn’t at work or in class, you can find him playing XBOX, basketball, soccer or in Aggieville hanging out with friends.

Mitchell Beal

-    Leasing Agent

As the story goes, Mitch grew up in Meriden, KS and came to Manhattan to attend K-State. Mitch will graduate in May 2019 with a degree yet to be determined.

When Mitch isn’t showing properties or doing awesome leasing things, he can be found playing basketball (or any sport really), hanging out with friends or grabbing a bite at his favorite restaurant, So Long. When asked about his favorite thing in Manhattan, he simply responded “Aggieville!”. 



-    Office Mascot

Chip is our newest addition to Frontier. He is responsible for greeting anyone who comes in the door, cleaning up food around the office, and improving morale. Chip takes his role at Frontier very seriously and estimates he sees upwards of 75 people a day! On top of his office duties, Chip loves truck rides, ice cream, naps, and of course his humans Cody and Tana!